Tuesday, June 05, 2007

the cutest flower girl ever

Okay, so I can't take credit for much, but I have to agree with the bride and groom. In the program, it was listed - Flower Girl - Sarah Redman - The cutest flower girl ever. This past weekend our friends Kendele and Dan were married and Sarah had the privilege of being their flower girl. It was a beautiful, God centered ceremony and Sarah was in top form. But, as I said, I can't take credit for much. Kendele and Dan provided Sarah with a beautiful necklace, bracelet, purse and basket for the occasion. Jamie, one of the bridesmaids styled her hair. Grandma Redman made her gorgeous dress and God gave Sarah the personality to pull it all off. She was right in the thick of things and loving every minute of it. It was truly a special time for her (and for me). Just a few snapshots from the day.
1. Sarah noticed that the bride and groom on the place cards were missing their "heads and shoes" so she drew them in.
2. Kendele was radiant and every detail of the wedding was very chic.
3. Sarah holding her own with the big girls.
4 - 6. The cutest flower girl ever.